How can meeting and talking help?

The staff at BUP have training and experience in leading and conducting counselling sessions so as to make them important to all involved. The sessions can provide new perspectives and thoughts for those who meet us and tell us about their situations, answer questions and listen to others. We can contribute with our knowledge of how people work and develop and together we can make both the problem and the solution clearer.

Explaining a problem in words is sometimes difficult. In such cases we find other ways for the participants to express themselves. We know that it often takes a while to build up the confidence and courage to open up about things we usually keep to ourselves. We're experts at making this process easier.

Sometimes we need to find out more about why certain things are often difficult for a child or a teenager. In such cases we try to understand the situation with a more thorough assessment. Then, together with the family, we plan how to move forwards and which treatment to use.