Does BUP have specialised units?

We have different units with expertise in specific fields or diagnoses, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, migration-related problems, apathetic symptoms and self-harming. Other units are specialised in specific treatment methods, such as dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT).

These specialised clinics comprise knowledge centres within their fields for our entire organisation. In addition to treatment, they provide consultations, guidance and training to the other clinics.

The BUP inpatient clinic at Södersjukhuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) is found in the Sachsska building. Here we treat adolescents with serious psychological difficulties such as deep depression, suicidal thoughts, serious eating disorders and psychotic or bipolar conditions. You can also visit the BUP clinic when the family has drained all its resources and the child's care is lacking. Care is available around the clock and we have an emergency clinic which is open evenings, weekends and nights.

We also have a unit staffed by psychiatric consultants who assist the paediatric clinics at the county's different hospitals.