What are medical records?

BUP keeps medical records for every patient, chronicling the care and treatment the patient receives from us. We're obligated to do this under the Patient Data Act.

Like all other county council healthcare in Stockholm County, BUP uses joint medical records. This means that healthcare staff at BUP can also see information in the medical records kept by other Stockholm County Council healthcare providers. The reason for this is that we need to know the patient's medical history in order to provide good and safe healthcare. Another reason for joint medical records is to enable audits to ensure that healthcare is practised in the correct manner.

The Patient Data Act also regulates who is entitled to read the medical records in order to protect the patient from unauthorised persons accessing their information. Only healthcare staff with a healthcare relation with the patient are permitted to read their medical records. Every time the medical records are accessed a log is created, which can be checked at a later date. You are entitled to know who has read your medical records.

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