Is BUP bound by patient confidentiality?

We're bound by patient confidentiality and the basic rule is that we don't disclose anything about a patient to other persons or authorities.

In other words, everything you tell us is covered by strict confidentiality. This confidentiality can only be broken if:

  • The patient desires it.
  • A child or adolescent risks harm. In such cases we're obligated to report our concern to social services.
  • If an investigation is being conducted by another authority, such as a court or supervisory authority, and they request information from us. 

Some teenagers contact us themselves. Most often in such cases we'd also like contact with the parents, but sometimes the adolescent doesn't want this. The law says that we must make a decision on a case-by-case basis. The possibility to refrain from contacting the parents increases the older the teenager is.

Even if the parents know that their child is receiving treatment at BUP, they don't need to know what's said during the sessions. Agreement is usually reached between the adolescent, the parents and the therapist on how to deal with this situation.


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